Karma Kagyu Sect laundering Chinese money in New Zealand

This has nothing to do with the dharma.

New Zealand’s largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery, it sits on an 11-acre site and includes a more than 3000 square metre, three-storey temple, or gonpa​.

The whole facility will have cost about $11 million to construct when finished by the end of 2018.


And everything to do with laundering Chinese money.



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8 responses to “Karma Kagyu Sect laundering Chinese money in New Zealand

  1. Sara

    If Situ Rinpoche really had some balls he’d do this and not stand behind his Chinese money!


  2. Sangye

    Looked at your article and looked at the link provided. No mention of money laundering I can see. Got your tin foil hat on again bill?

    • Money received that can’t be accounted for is dirty, thus this project, and every project like it is in fact a money laundering operation which must be stripped down to its studs and replaced with projects which can account for how it was funded.

      • Sangye

        You make an empty claim. Can’t back it up with any evidence, then supply a link to the organisation you are slandering.


        This link doesn’t support your argument.

        You want Karma Kagyu New Zealand to “account” for it’s money. Yet you can’t account for you claims. Double standards Bill??

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