The Black Crown’s return to Tsurphu: 17th Karmapa one step closer to making good on his promise to the Chinese Government 

I submit for your consideration from the Times of India its reporting on the 17th Karmapa’s progress in making good on his promise to the Chinese Government to return the Black Crown to Tsurphu Monastery.



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13 responses to “The Black Crown’s return to Tsurphu: 17th Karmapa one step closer to making good on his promise to the Chinese Government 

  1. Warrenz

    I’d say such a visit brings his return to Rumtek all the closer.

    • Which we can today say without fear of contradiction is the 17th Karmapa’s sole purpose in being in India in the first place, His Holiness promised the Chinese Government to return the Black Crown to Tsurphu Monastery, to make Tibetan Buddhism great again, and in the process the Chinese Government too, and the people whom made him China’s choice for 17th Karmapa the leaders of the Buddhist world. All brought to us by the very same Chinese Government the 16th Karmapa fled to Sikkim to escape in 1959. How ironic.

      A triumph for the Chinese Government against the very same country the 16th Karmapa chose to pass into Parinirvana in 35 years in the making. And all thanks to one reactionary exiled Tibetan Monk living in Great Britain, Akong Rinpoche (the Tibetan Buddhist establishment’s response to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s anti-establishment Mahasiddha inspired crazy wisdom karma Kagyu lineage in the West) whom in 1983 chose to collaborate with the Chinese Government, which in turn led to the same Government’s recognition of a 17th Karmapa against the wishes of the 16th Karmapa to establish his lineage in the democracies of the West which whom his lifelong enemy, the Chinese Government, today represents such an existential threat to freedom loving people everywhere, and thus the reason the 17th Karmapa’s harmonization of his Tibetan Buddhism with the Chinese Government must be resisted every chance we get, stripped down to its studs, and replaced with a Buddhism inclusive of all without exception, that which the Chinese Government is so dead against in those territories in India claimed by said dictatorship with the support of the 17th Karmapa as reported in the reporting being discussed here today.

        • Vulgar comment deleted. As publisher of this blog I very much welcome content provided in the form of comments posted here which I can share with my readers. Unfortunately if a comment is directed to me personally it is obviously of no use to me as such. If said comment is vulgar, rude, irate or otherwise ill mannered in my opinion I remove it as I have done here, I delete the comment itself and leave the identity (the name used) of the person that posted said comment and their contact information (if provided) so that anyone whom wishes to reach out to said person can engage them further if they are so inclined. If I can’t share your comment with my readers it is obviously of no use to me as publisher of this blog. I of course read all comments posted here. As such please feel free to direct your vulgar, rude, irate and otherwise ill mannered comments to my attention if that is the kind of person you are. As a lama of the 16th Karmapa’s Mahasiddha inspired crazy wisdom Karma Kagyu lineage I can’t get enough of people who rub me the wrong way as such. It brings out the best in me as a dharma practitioner and for this I cannot help but be grateful for the opportunity to bring such comments to my practice.

        • Speaking of pictures of lamas a lama friend of mine who went into retreat in 2004 at Karme Ling shared a group picture on Instagram taken of himself and his fellow inmates before they entered the big house to serve their three year plus term for not being able to practice as I had for 23 years at that point. I hadn’t seen the picture before. Every KTD lama since 1991 has in their possession such images.

          My lama friend went into retreat that year with two other people who couldn’t practice without having Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche pushing, prodding, and otherwise abusing their bodies and minds to the realization of that which came naturally to me as a young disciple of Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, Lama Karma, Rinpoche’s nephew whom the Chinese Government had allowed to join his Uncle in America to follow in his Uncle’s footsteps.

          Not long after Akong Rinpoche began collaborating with the Chinese Government in 1983 Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche began, with the blessings of Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, the process of harmonizing Tibetan Buddhism with the Chinese Government’s project of rebranding itself as the leader of the Buddhist world it considers itself to be in 2016.

          Not only was Lama Karma in this picture but none other than KTC Chicago’s Sean Jones, its current resident Lama. That this child emerged three years plus later a KTD lama tells you everything you need to know what it takes to be a KTD lama, money and time. That’s it, money and time. And the inability to practice as I have, how I became a lama of the 16th Karmapa’s Mahasiddha inspired crazy wisdom Karma Kagyu lineage.

          When Lama B posted his comment that he had a picture of me to share here my first thought was that someone with access to the KTC Chicago archives had shared a photo taken of me over the years there. Sadly it was not a picture of me but instead a picture of a penis, every male KTD lama’s best friend over the course of their three years plus confined to their cell in the big house.

          Over the past four years I’ve gotten a lot of pictures of penises posted here by KTD lama’s of penises, which makes perfect sense given how KTD selects its future lamas, their abundance of money to pay for the privilege and the utter lack of a woman in their life (or the prospect of ever having one) to make three plus years without sex (with a woman) unthinkable. So the next time you see me delete a KTD lama’s comment here for being vulgar this is the deal with that, it’s a picture of a penis, every male KTD Lama’s friend best friend.

  2. One interesting thing: When five weeks ago it came known that the Dalai Lama intends to visit Tawang next year, China reacted with it’s typical angry protesting rituals (

    Now Ven. Orgyen Trinley Rinpoche – often being blamed by Indian authorities to have clandestine backing from Beijing – tours the place. Upset indian newspapers worry and speculate about possible Chinese anger (“Karmapa visit to Arunachal Pradesh likely to irritate China” – – but China reamains silent. Find the mistake!

    • Obviously the true narrative is as I have outlined it here, that the 17th Karmapa is in India to return the Black Crown (as he promised the Chinese Government) to Tsurphu. And the demonstrably false narrative is that the 17th Karmapa came to India to escape being forced to harmonize his dharma activity as 17th Karmapa with the dictates of the Chinese Government.

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