Is the 17th Karmapa harboring pedophile monks at KTD in Woodstock, New York?

To date the monks who raped Kalu Rinpoche remain at large. The party responsible for this is the 17th Karmapa. As such the obligation to see said child rapists being brought to account falls to us here. Henceforth let it be known that until said child rapists are brought to account that the 17th Karmapa is harboring pedophile monks at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, his monastic seat in Woodstock, New York. Unfortunately the 17th Karmapa has to date given us no reason to believe otherwise. Let KTD and its affiliate centers here in the United States of America thus prove to our satisfaction that the 17th Karmapa has done everything in his power to see those monks whom raped Kalu Rinpoche as a child brought to account as such. That Kalu Rinpoche refuses to identify his rapists cannot be the end of this for us. Not in our country. For all we know the 17th Karmapa has sent the monks suspected of raping Kalu Rinpoche to KTD. The monks whom could have raped him are known. Those monks in a position to know the rapist monks are also known. The 17th Karmapa wouldn’t be the first Karmapa to relocate a problem monk abroad. The 16th Karmapa shipped Chogyam Trungpa off to the U.K. after he knocked up a nun. And so on. We know what we must do. We have the means here to do what needs to be done. Let it be done.



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30 responses to “Is the 17th Karmapa harboring pedophile monks at KTD in Woodstock, New York?

  1. Starshine

    Without hope for change in a world of temporary changes, everything appears as organized madness. Not only the madness of the clan seeking self identity, security and answers – but also the madness of the individual. Who hasn’t been the victim of violence? Who doesn’t have pain?
    Like the survival and comfort of the physical body, bonds with other individuals and the comfort and survival of society, there is no survivable change. There is a manageable way to be human, one sees the possibility of being human in the moment to moment, without the self destructive cancerous clinging to phantom-like projections of idealism.
    There is a manageable way to be human, without hate, hunger, jealousy and fear. And to treat this moment to moment experience as precious.

  2. Steven

    With all due respect to your razor-sharp blog posts that hold what’s precious to account, what’s up with all the censorship in the comments sections? Are such “fake comments” the work of bots? If so, perhaps the installation of a captcha would eliminate all the fakes.

    But with regard to vulgarity, etc., especially as recently censored from the comments of other posts, I feel I’m missing out. And if I really wanted to miss out on all the internet has to offer, I could move to China, or, more simply, set up a Chinese VPN. But this is America. I, for one, can handle it. What gives, Lama Bill?

    • This isn’t a matter of me censoring a comment posted by real people but instead my decision to not share with my readers comments posted here by someone who isn’t a real person.

      In my experience real people know exactly what I expect of them in terms of their behavior.

      If some fake person can’t behave themselves here I will delete their comment.

      If someone wants to reach out to a person whose comment doesn’t measure up to my expectations they are welcome to do so if said person wants to be contacted.

      The people in question don’t want to provide their contact information.

      I don’t blame them either.

      Recently, before I began deleting comments a person whom misbehaved here made the mistake of leaving their contact information.

      Afterwards a reader informed me that I didn’t have to worry about said person again.

      That’s when I decided to not share comments from people that can’t keep it real here.

      I’m a founding member of Chicago KTC.

      I know how to deal with the public as such.

      At Chicago KTC if you couldn’t disagree without being disagreeable you weren’t welcome at our dharma center.

      As the publisher of this blog I want to be as transparent as possible in this regard with my readers.

      And readers have responded by visiting my blog in record numbers.

      Views, clicks generated by people in search of a hot mess, are down.

      The number that most impresses people I discuss my blog with is the number of views.

      They hear the number, 455,197 to date, and I have their undivided attention.

      The number, 96,235 visitors to date, is the number that matters to me.

      As far as I’m concerned the people have spoken.

      When someone visits my blog and it’s a hot mess it reflects poorly on me as a lama.

      In terms of the Vajrayana, if I can’t make my enemies submit to my will this too reflects on me as a lama.

      We are talking about one, maybe two people compared to the thousands of people who have visited my blog over the past four years.

      They think that being disagreeable here they are somehow serving KTD as its “wrathful” dharma protectors.

      It is Monasteries that have dharma protectors, cults of monks who terrorize said monasteries inhabitants.

      I’m a lama and have no use for such nonsense.

      I know these people are nothing but fakes.


      Take away their internet connection and I they would behave very differently in a face to face encounter with me based on my experience.

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