Is Germany the most Buddhist country in the world today?

That it was an asylum seeker that hijacked a truck and drove it into Berlin’s Christmas market the other evening can’t be good for Angela Merkel.

One would think.

I’m a list person on Twitter, so I hit up my lists.

My French list hates Muslims.

My U.K. list hates migrants.

My American list hates itself.

My Australia list hates being right about the above.

My Canadien list hates liberals.

My German list is pretty chill all things considered though.

Almost Buddhist.


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One response to “Is Germany the most Buddhist country in the world today?

  1. I am a buddhist from Germany – and really upset about what is happening here behind the lines. I consider the immigration policy of Angela Merkel a desaster. To want to help people in trouble: this is one thing. But to forget about elemtary security measures: This is another one.

    When on the eve of Sepember 4, 2015, the German Chancellor opended the country for a mass immigration of refuge-seeking persons from the Middle East, her government ignored german laws, the constitution and international treaties. The authorities failed to filter out former prisoners, Syrian war criminals and potential terrorists from the influx of people who mostly came in without any papers. Politicians with a lack of life experience and political overcorrect media seem yet not to be willing to critically examine the background of the increasing terror threat.

    That the vast majority of new immigrants seems to be peaceful: This is irrelevant here. Relevant are the few thousand bad-minded people who are dangerous, but not under control.

    I do not have negative feelings against Angela Merkel as a person. But too many years in power changed her. Meanwhile she is a bad politician and needs to be replaced asap. My opinion.

    What does this have to do with the Dharma? It is the old story of blind compassion. Without a minimum amount of wisdom, the benefit of compassion can even turn to the negative. Still most germans behave very patient and keep a certain discipline. Fine. But will this last? I have doubts.

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