The plot thickens: China awaits 17th Karmapa’s return to Tsurphu with Black Crown…

I submit for your consideration from the Globe and Mail, “China is planning to turn Tibet into a tourist destination”, as it pertains to Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche’s (my guru and the Karma Kagyu lineage holder who saw a lama in 22 year old me), finding common cause with the Chinese Government after the death of the 17th Karmapa in 1981.

“I had no idea.”

It wasn’t obvious to 22 year old me what was happening at the time.

“Over time though it became obvious to me that Rinpoche’s priorities had changed.”

Equals have no secrets from each other.

“I had the lung and tri for Mahamudra.”

I was good.

“I had Rinpoche’s blessings.”

Anyway, 24 year old me had a job, a wife and two kids in diapers.

“I was told that Rinpoche was ready to retire.”

It worked for me and I didn’t give it a second thought until years later.



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7 responses to “The plot thickens: China awaits 17th Karmapa’s return to Tsurphu with Black Crown…

  1. Chester

    To start an amusement park one needs mascots. Like Mikey mouse and Goofy. Then you can have folks wear big costumes of them so that enthusiastic visitors can have their pictures taken with them as precious mementos.

    I guess it makes sense that Khenpo Karthar retired to lead a corporate re-branding of Tibet. After all he did such a good job making the KTD amusement park. It’s got these great, fun, options: you can just visit and have your pictures taken with Tibetan lamas. You can also pay $25k and live like a lama for three years after which you get this cool costume, a title and a city dharma center to preside over.

    Their food court needs to be redone, and there should be a proper tram like at Disney, but besides that KTD Tibet Land is pretty fun.

    I guess the version in Tibet wouldn’t have white folks dressed like lamas though.

  2. Marikpagyamtso

    You might want to browse through P Stobdan’s blog in case you’ve never come across it yet. He’s an Indian ambassador, expert on strategic assessments/foreign policy. He’s a Ladakhi so his geopolitical analyses have a nice blend of Buddhist background to them. Enjoy the read…oh, and you might have to scroll down a bit before you get to specific Buddhist related articles.

  3. Dear Bill, do you have any evidence of this plan to bring the Black Crown back to Tibet?

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