Real Karma Kagyu don’t talk mind training

Mind training is not a path to liberation.

Let no Karma Kagyu here speak of training their mind as such.

Accept nothing less than a path to liberation.



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5 responses to “Real Karma Kagyu don’t talk mind training

  1. Kek

    They were taught by Gampopa, the founder of the Kagyu lineage and all subschools as well. Denying that lojong is essential to Karma Kagyu teachings is denying Gampopa and therefore the Karma Kagyu lineage.

  2. Kek

    And you just decided this because? And how do you get to decide what the Karma Kagyu believes? The lineage is a continuous line of dharma and many of the people in this succession teach lojong. I’m not sure I follow your logic.

  3. Sam

    When out of your mind, you cannot train it.
    When aware of the true nature of mind there is no need.

    • Kek

      how can you be out of your mind? The truth is knowable through logic. This is known as “relative truth”. You can use relative truth to shoehorn into absolute truth. Kind of like how a brilliant piece of music conforms to mathematics. It is also a way of testing if your experience of profundity is accurate. If you really feel loving, compassionate, joyful and equanamous then you can feel confident that you are on the path.

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