Neither Tilopa nor Marpa prayed for the divine intervention of a Bodhisattva

When Vajradhara appeared to Tilopa this represented a departure from the Mahayana as practiced in the India of his day and the beginning of the Vajrayana as brought to Tibet by Marpa Lotsawa, not coincidentally, also departure from the Mahayana of his day.

Neither Tilopa nor Marpa prayed for the divine intervention of a Bodhisattva, as the Mahayana would have had them do, but instead the found in their ignorance the wisdom to free themselves no different than that which we do in the Vajrayana today.

Let us be the departure we want to be from the Bodhisattvas of our day, fear not to opt out of the Mahayana’s promise of salvation and instead discover Vajradhara as Tilopa and Marpa did and thus liberate ourselves as they did in our own day.



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9 responses to “Neither Tilopa nor Marpa prayed for the divine intervention of a Bodhisattva

  1. Monbiot

    “O gurus and deities of yidam mandalas,
    Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of all space and time,
    With affection for me, please grant me your blessings,
    To bring the accomplishment of my prayers.”
    – TILOPA from his Mahamudra Upadesha

  2. Robert

    Why then would Chogyam Trungpa include in his Life of Marpa the Translator on page 201 that:

    “Jetsun Marpa Lotsawa was an emanation of a bodhisattva mahasattva from a previous life.” Any thoughts? Appears that you yourself are taking inspiration from a bodhisattva in your denouncement of bodhisattvas…

  3. Robert

    “Because I never irritated the gurus,
    The Dakinis were pleased and cared for me like a child. Thus I was free from obstacles and bad circumstances.
    I trained my mind in the holy dharma of mahayana. Arousing bodhicitta, I encompassed all beings.
    Thus I spread the holy dharma in Tibet.” MARPA LOTSAWA.

    In this one stanza is a refutation of your claims that the tradition of Marpa lies outside of the Mahayana. It also dismisses your view that the Kagyu has nothing to do with the mind training tradition.

    I suppose you could also now discard Marpa if he’s not working for you.

  4. Robert

    “Holding principally to the practice of enlightenment, Preserving the learning of mahayana,
    Clearing away obstructions as well as obstacles caused
    by agents of perversion,
    The friend who introduces one to the good guru, Guiding masters, I praise you.” MARPA again on the importance of preserving the Mahayana. pg 231 life of Marpa.

  5. Michael

    “Any brief moment, any time at all that one could use as an opportunity for Dharma practice, one must use. If one does not take this responsibility and offer sincere respect to the Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings, there is a definite possibility of causing harm to oneself as well as to those spiritual friends to whom one is linked. A lack of attention to the responsibilities of the Mahayana path constitutes a breaking of the Samaya principles, therefore, in whatever way one can hold to the teachings, one must sincerely do so…” Hh 16th Karmapa.

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