If I am speaking to someone and they tell me what they have been taught

If I am speaking to someone and they tell me what they have been taught I know I am speaking to the wrong person.

The Vajrayana is not taught.

It is definitive.

You get it or you don’t.

The Mahayana is taught.

It is not definitive.

You have to be taught about it.

I submit this for your consideration as it pertains to the differences between the Vajrayana and the Mahayana we have been discussing here.



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4 responses to “If I am speaking to someone and they tell me what they have been taught

  1. Birdie

    Point well taken!

    I’ve been wondering if OTD will be allowed entry into the US during the Trump administration. It seems highly unlikely that an unmarried man who hasn’t got Indian citizenship and in fact is a refugee from China would be allowed entry to the United States.

    With KTD’s main attraction unable to perform for them their coffers will likely shrivel.

  2. Starshine

    No it’s not taught, but reality is pointed out by the guru. The train wreck direct confrontation with empty luminous mind, like a great cavern of echos and mirrors… all self-not self. Screaming you are, grasping at ego that isn’t really there, never was… dying then because you wanted to go on with the illusion. Then you can’t grasp the realization either – nothing at all to cling to.
    That dark seed space, the tiny spark of potential before the light dawns again and the trip begins through the bardo. You want that death-no death space but it also ends and passes. Because once again there is someone having an experience.
    But it’s beautiful you realize. You no longer hope for this or that, enjoying the as is just as it is.
    No death no end of death, endless rebirth and death. What a beautiful trip.

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