It isn’t going to be enough for us as Karma Kagyu to “not believe” OTD is the 16th Karmapa’s successor 

A reader commented on the present demise of the Karma Kagyu lineage under OTD’s leadership.

“Jamgon Rinpoche left. Kalu Rinpoche left (and is doing things like openly teaching the six yogas of niguma outside of the retreat setting in Canada soon). KTD is imploding. The monlam is not being broadcast and it is monastic-only.
At this rate the karma kagyu will go the way of the other kagyu lineages that couldn’t survive as independent lineages.

Chokgyur Lingpa indicated that there will be 21 Karmapas, we are nearing the end. Things are in decline.

Take whatever instructions you have received and practice them.

Nothing lasts forever.”

The 16th Karmapa died in 1981.

We who had the privilege to benefit from his dharma activity in his capacity as Vajradhara, empty, luminous and capable of anything, what a Karmapa is, have over the past 36 years taken that which we were instructed to do and have put said instructions into practice.

Good for us.

It made no difference who succeed the 16th Karmapa as such.

That being said, today in 2017, 36 years later, this is no longer enough.

For example.

This year KTD ceased operations on OTD’s say so alone.

Just like that.

All without a peep from anyone there.

It was simply decided.

If you want to know what China’s dictatorship of the Bodhisattva-yana is, this is it.

Combine the spiritual materialism of Tibetans with the dialectical materialism of China’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.

Wait 36 years.

And there you have it.

China, a dictatorship, is the leader of the Buddhist world.

Today in 2017 it is as if the 16th Karmapa never fled the Chinese in 1959.

Talk about alternative facts.

The time has come for us to stop normalizing OTD’s narrative here and now.

I submit this for your consideration here.



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6 responses to “It isn’t going to be enough for us as Karma Kagyu to “not believe” OTD is the 16th Karmapa’s successor 

  1. nikolas kaugon

    could i ask who otd is? trying to follow all this?

  2. ROFL

    OTD = Orgyen Trinley Dorje, for a part of the Karma Kagyu tradition, he is the successor of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa. For the other part of the tradition,Trinley Thaye Dorje (TTD) is seen as the truthful successor. People still disagree, which is okay for me. But it is sad that people very often get so passionate and aggressive about this – even in the West – as if we were still living in the middle-ages at the time of antipopes. In my opinion, people should just follow their choice and be respectful towards the other. However, cases of external political interference and money laundry within the tradition are serious issues and indeed need to be addressed…

  3. okiebuddhist

    I arrived to the Tibetan Buddhist game later in life. What I still see is a Karma Kagyu laying its roots in India and spreading its gospel throughout the world.

    It’s definitely Mahayana Buddhism for the most part. And, it’s Asian influenced as it has always been.

    I have no major issues with its methods. It is what it has always been.

    What am I seeking then as an American?

    Not the Vajrayana. It’s still ritualized and formulaic to me with all its empowerments and Sadhanas.

    Instead, the practices of the Theravadan traditions are effective, such as Insight Meditation. Then, the practice of Mahamudra, free from the ritualized and so-called “preliminaries” is my go to practice.

    Preliminaries don’t have to mean prostrations or mandala offerings. There are other ways to invite bodhichitta into the heart mind and see the ground and fruit of one’s practice.

    That’s what I’ve learned from walking a few steps away from Tibetan Buddhist rituals. Mahamudra suddenly widens. It can be taught like a science. I’ve watched many do it effectively. They’re Americans or British. The other paths to emptiness exist while the Tibetans still stress the ritualistic preliminaries that probably work best for those who believe in animal spirits and mountains as gods.


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