OTD’s 2017 Kagyu Monlam is a singularly delegitimizing event for us as Buddhists

It is hard to believe that he went there with us, that OTD having been caught last year using Chinese money to pay for his Kagyu Monlam prayer festival decided to nonetheless proceed with his Kagyu Monlam 2017 using the very same Chinese money he was caught hiding from the world in an offshore bank account last year but he did.

And there is no walking this back with us.

We have no common cause with these people as Buddhists.

43 years after the 16th Karmapa first came to our country it has finally come to this.

All that remains for us at this point in our relationship with Tibetans as Karma Kagyu in 2017 is to determine for ourselves who if any of those Tibetan exiles living here whom support OTD are with us as or against us moving forward.

For example.

OTD has pulled the plug on KTD.

Once upon a time OTD could have established a Tulku in residence but he chose not to.

Instead he chose to give China a Tulku for Thrangu Monastery.

As such we need not concern ourselves with KTD or its affiliate centers as such.

That being said we are going to have to decide what to do with Ponlop Rinpoche.

Is he with us or against us.

Ponlop Rinpoche went to ground last year.

The always available for comment Ponlop Rinpoche is no longer available for comment in 2017.

One person at Google in September of last year asked him a question about Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche and he hasn’t made himself available to the public since.


He may never again show his face in public.

That being said his Nalandabodhi sangha is still a thing.

Ponlop Rinpoche’s followers have hitherto tried to have it both ways so to speak.

Are they with us or against us.

And so on.

In continuing to hold his Kagyu Monlam prayer festival this year using Chinese money OTD has chosen China over us and in doing so there can henceforth never again be a place for us as Buddhists in his Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism nor for him and his followers in our Karma Kagyu lineage moving forward.

Let this be remembered by future generations of Karma Kagyu to be the moment in our history as a lineage when Tibetans chose a Chinese future for themselves and this being the case we chose to therefore no longer accept OTD as the 16th Karmapa’s legitimate successor as Buddhists for there can be no question for us as Karma Kagyu today that no legitimate successor to the 16th Karmapa can do as OTD has done with holding his Kagyu Monlam prayer festival this year given that we know it is being paid for with money from the very same Chinese people whom forced the 16th Karmapa into exile 58 years ago.

And OTD has nobody to blame for this but himself, he did this to himself.



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7 responses to “OTD’s 2017 Kagyu Monlam is a singularly delegitimizing event for us as Buddhists

  1. Mary

    I’m a bit turned off by the supreme leader thing myself. It’s a bit cult like and suspicious. I read and meditate, question authority while keeping an open mind and trust my instinct. I don’t throw out the baby with the bath water, but I only take what is workable to heart. I stay close to family, friends and the earth, When I see a teacher with blindly obedient followers I stay away.
    I know the difference between genuinely human and fantasy,
    I see any movement to bring people together in one “faith” dividing them instead, and I am equally suspicious of political movements.
    I have no need to be accepted, nor do I make an effort to be accepted by religious groups. I listen to what other human beings offer as wisdom, but I know the proof is in workable practice and not intellectual musing.
    This is an interesting blog, I’ve learned much watching the interaction here.
    Condolences for your loss Mr. Bill, and I wish you much luck on your journey.

  2. Good morning Bill,

    While you are totally correct on your statements regarding OTD, you cannot speak for all Karma Kagyu followers in the USA and also not for all Tibetans. Many of the aforementioned saw the writing on the wall years ago and chose Karmapa TTD as the legitimate successor to the 16th Karmapa and in my humble opinion, rightfully so. I must ask what exactly is the problem with Shamar Rinpoche and Karmapa TTD? Thanks for your forum.


  3. Dear Bill, I am sorry but I do not understand what I not being different from a OTD follower has to do with my question to you as to what problem you have with TTD and the Sharmapa.


    • I didn’t like my first response so I deleted it.

      Let me put it this way, if I may.

      My first indication that there was a problem with OTD was a person such as yourself getting all weirded out about my lack of enthusiasm about that which I don’t care, Tibetans.

      They spoke to me just as you are here.

      I don’t care about Tibetans.

      You do.

      I have no problem with Shamar Rinpoche.

      I loved him like a brother.

      But this isn’t enough for you apparently.

      I have no issue with the Sharmarpa and Karmapa succession which has the two succeeding each other as was the case in the earliest days of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

      This too isn’t enough for you apparently.

      I’ve provided you a forum for you to sing the praises of Thaye Dorje.

      But that isn’t enough for you either apparently.

      As such you are no different than OTD’s followers.

      You are all about Tibetans.

      I’m not.

      Please feel free to sing the praises of Thaye Dorje here.

      The same applies to anyone that wants to sing the praises of OTD.

      It’s no skin off my nose.

      That being said don’t expect me share your enthusiasm for Tibetan Buddhism.

      I’m a lifelong Karma Kagyu and Tibetans and their Buddhism is of no concern to me as such.

      This blog is about us, not them, our practice, not theirs, our culture, and so on.

      • Thank you, Bill, for clarifying your comment on my question. I do have several thoughts on what you have said here. Firstly I do care about Tibetans, but not any more than I do about my family, my friends, and all beings, that includes you too. Feel free to include a comment about Bhodisatva irrelevance here. 🙂 But please do not think that I am unaware of how nutty Tibetans can be when it comes to politics if there are three Tibetans in a room you can be sure that there are 5 political parties there as well.

        If I have made a mistake here it is that by reading all the negative things about OTD I could not understand that you don’t support TTD. When you are free to support either or neither Karmapa if you so wish. Bill, you are rather unconventional, it is difficult for many to truly understand you, this is why I have asked so many questions. I wish to understand, and your perspective is very different from any other.

        Thank you for your forum and for your answers,


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