Is Thaye Dorje cut from the same cloth as OTD?

I submit for your consideration a comment posted here from a follower of Thaye Dorje.

Good morning Bill,
While you are totally correct on your statements regarding OTD, you cannot speak for all Karma Kagyu followers in the USA and also not for all Tibetans. Many of the aforementioned saw the writing on the wall years ago and chose Karmapa TTD as the legitimate successor to the 16th Karmapa and in my humble opinion, rightfully so. I must ask what exactly is the problem with Shamar Rinpoche and Karmapa TTD? Thanks for your forum.

I simply asked whether Thaye Dorje is really all that different than OTD.



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8 responses to “Is Thaye Dorje cut from the same cloth as OTD?

  1. ROFL

    Apart from what I can read on the internet, I have no means to judge OTD’s capacity as a teacher and so it is hard for me to compare the two. I am sure, OTD must have great qualities and he surely benefits many beings. Still, some events of the past make me wonder about the behavior of some individuals in his immediate surrounding. Generally, it appears that OTD is politically quite active, something which I have never seen with TTD. Again, this might be a question of taste and certainly has to do with him residing in Dharamsala.

    Since Shamar Rinpoche’s death, TTD spends around half of the year in retreat. The rest of the time, he is either in Delhi or travels. When he is at KIBI, his institute in South Delhi, or at another Buddhist centre, he is very approachable. Even if there are a few thousand people at an empowerment, he always takes his time to bless each person individually. In the way that he deals with people, I have never had the impression that he treats anyone differently (Westerners/Easterners, monks/laity, rich/poor). Nevertheless, he shows a remarkable capability of code-switching when engaging with different audiences. What impresses me most is his natural compassion, patience and modesty that he shows since a young age. Maybe others have their own varying experiences. Actually, thinking about it, I do not recall an instant where I had any doubts about his integrity or behavior.

    If you ask me whether he is a better “Karmapa” than OTD, I may not be able to answer. If you however ask me whether I consider him to be a good Buddhist teacher, then my answer is “Yes, definitely.” For me, he is an excellent example that constantly reminds me of mind’s inherent qualities.

  2. How is Karmapa Thaye Trinley Dorge different from Karmapa OTD? I cannot answer this question in the way it was meant because I have never met OTD, and therefore many avenues of comparison are closed. What I can say is that Karmapa TTD is quite funny he always has a joke or two even some very funny Star Wars references that almost made me cry. His joy and bliss shines through in many of his actions. Karmapa TTD is approachable I have met him personally twice now not including blessings at an empowerment and unless there is a crowd of 10000 people one can manage a meeting whether in Europe or Asia. Karmapa TTD’s enthronement took place in as close to as possible of a way as his predecessors without any interference from any government. The exception would be the angry crowd of OTD supporters who tried to storm KIBI in Delhi on the day of the ceremony, but that’s old history now. Karmapa TTD is well educated. He is often in retreat as meditation is the central tenet of our transmission. He is the spiritual head of nearly a thousand lay centres and many monasteries around the world many of which are in the Americas. His teachings have over the years have grown deeper and deeper as my understanding of them has matured. His behaviour is beyond reproach he has never been under investigation for anything illegal or improper. He has never acted negatively to his new home country of India. He is supported by a growing number lamas including the Lopons of the Drukpa Kagyu and the royal family of Bhutan and of previous OTD supporters. And best yet the Chinese never mention him, it’s as if he doesn’t even exist in their world.

    But in the end Bill he is a symbol of the dharma nothing more or nothing less. And not everyone can make the jump to enlightenment with crazy wisdom alone. Most of us, if not all of us, need some help. Even if the tools the Buddha dharma gives us dissolve and evaporate into emptiness along the way.

    This is only a short answer. Today is as everyone knows Valentine’s Day and I need to spend some time with my beloved. As I hope you all do as well.

    Thank you, Bill

  3. Dear Bill,

    I would like to add that if you are curious about Karmapa Thaye Trinley Dorje, I would like to invite you to come see him. Now I understand this has been a tough time for you with the loss of your mother, please accept my condolences, but there is an open meditation course in New Delhi in several weeks. I will be there and would be happy to buy you a cup of Chai. If that is too soon, Karmapa may be in Spain at Karma Guen in the far south and if he is there then I imagine he will also tour France. I am sure that if you have never been to France you would love it. The events there are small and as I said he is approachable. You know the proof is in the pudding, you will never know the answer to your question if you do not find out for yourself.


  4. Sam

    Double vision.
    Occurring when you’re extremely tired, double vision creates the illusion of two identical objects. If you focus you’ll notice they merge. If you try to grab either object you’ll grab the empty space between. Nothing there but an image!
    Interpret as you will.
    It’s hard to type this way too.
    Double tiny keyboards.

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