More details on OTD’s Panama Papers Kagyu Monlam scandal

I submit the following from a reader for your consideration.


Have you ever looked into Chia-Chen Wu, one of the other legs in the Kagyu Monlam Wikileaks scandal? This is who she is:

She appears to be one of the illegal financial backers of the monlam. Ironically she also lives here in the US.

Be careful not to rule out Malaysia as a source of these hidden funds too.

Worst of all is Lama Chodrak:

Here is his official cleaned up bio:

I don’t know about you but I want nothing to do with these people.



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9 responses to “More details on OTD’s Panama Papers Kagyu Monlam scandal

  1. Sam

    Fecal matter in the water indeed. It’s seasonal. This is religion, folks. Slide on up to a well known celebrity and a US president – fund your objectives and invest that money in something lucrative with a never ending supply of doughy brained teenagers.
    When religion and politics are well funded it’s a three ring circus.
    There were in fact once great explorers who observed themselves using a variety of tools (some now illegal). These great minds were then normalized and commercialized, gold plated and put on lunch boxes.
    Call within the next ten minutes and we will grant long life to your dearest kin, just 39.95 folks 😀
    Why are you acting as if any of this surprises you?
    Get your bobble Buddha made in China today!
    Good night

  2. Sangye

    I looked at the below links!

    Nothing out of the ordinary in the 1st one. Nothing at all!
    The second link could be about anyone at all, how is this linked to Lama Chodrak?

  3. Ramsey

    Of course central to this is Portcullis Trust, an firm which has been involved in much of the illegal international tax fraud that we saw exposed two years ago.

    Here is a description of the institution:

    Here is an NY Times article on the same firm and a Chinese connection to its practices:

    What is issue here is governance and transparency. How in the world did the Karma Kagyu lineage end up deciding to hide monies associated with the Kagyu Monlam in accounts in a manner similar to strong men, corrupt politicians, etc. How is this okay?

    Perhaps more reasonably how can two. Buddhist monks (Lama Chodrak and Drubon Rinpoche) be engaging in such morally questionable behavior?

    Who is accountable? Is this the kind of behavior we endorse in the management of our tradition? What other activities might be going on in a related vein?

    These are the questions we should be asking. If KKR’s nephew drives a luxury car, are these patterns being repeated here in the US?

    Is that something you wish to participate in?

  4. okiebuddhist

    I’m behind on the news. How is the Kagyu Monlam illegal? Or, is it just unethical?

    Are the Kagyu receiving money directly from the Chinese government or just Chinese citizens? If it’s tied directly to the government, is it specific government officials, who are Buddhists? Or, is it a larger conspiracy of an entire government controlling a religion in India?

    It’s hard to unravel the puzzle. And, the Karma Kagyu aren’t selling arms or drugs…right? Or, are the same donors in the weapons business. If that’s the case, we have some negative karmic forces at work that are manipulating the 17th Karmapa. Yikes!


    • The issue is this, in 2016 OTD was caught paying for his Kagyu Monlam prayer festival with Chinese money.

      Nothing else matters.

      In 20o8 OTD was caught laundering money.

      In 2010 he was charged for laundering money.

      He pleaded his innocence.

      According to OTD it was all a big misunderstanding.

      The Indian Government dropped the charges.

      Thanks in no small part to the racism of low expectations the world believed him.

      He’s Tibetan so how could anyone expect him to know any better.

      India is the one of the most corrupt societies in the world.

      It is awash with black money.

      This is what money you can’t account for where you got it is called in India.

      And so on.

      Here’s the rub.

      OTD claimed that he would henceforth be financially transparent.

      He lied.

      According to the Panama Papers since 2007 he has been paying for his Kagyu Monlam prayer festival with black money.

      He could not account for where it came from.

      We know this because he hid it in an offshore bank account.

      What OTD was hiding was that he was receiving Chinese money.

      Here’s the kicker.

      To hide the fact that he was using Chinese money to fund his Kagyu Monlam OTD used the very same law firm used by members of the Chinese Government to launder their own money.

      This is the smoking gun, a direct connection between OTD and the Chinese Government.

      This a gross simplification but there you have it.

      In 2o16 OTD could have come clean with us.

      If he had fired his Labrang, Ponlop Rinpoche’s brother, the party responsible for the above, all would have been forgiven.

      Again, the racism of low expectations.

      All of which brings us to 2017.

      Since we are talking about an annual prayer festival though there was always the question of what he would do when it came to this years Kagyu Monlam.

      In 2016 OTD’s Kagyu Monlam prayer festival was widely condemned for its million dollar price tag.

      It was quite the spectacle.

      This year OTD dialed it back.

      It was a private affair.

      Monks only.

      No public allowed.

      No press.

      And it is this that will be OTD’s downfall, not the crime of laundering money, but the cover up of his laundering the money he has been receiving from the Chinese over the course of the past decade.

      And now we have a second offshore bank account OTD is using to launder his Chinese money.

      And so on.

      At this point now that OTD went ahead with his 2017 Kagyu Monlam it is too late for him to do what he should have done in 2016.

      He doubled down on his bet that we don’t care where his money comes from.

      Financial malfeasance, fraud, and so on is a thing for us.

      We today are more woke to such behavior than ever before.

      We don’t care whether or not OTD broke the law.

      He violated our trust in him as 17th Karmapa.

      And for this he must step down as the leader of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and all his responsibilities as such until the Tibetan Government can certify to our satisfaction that the Karma Kagyu lineage as an institution is financially transparent and free of any and all Chinese influence in its operations.

      Tibetans don’t care.

      We do.

      This isn’t about them.

      This about us, what kind of Buddhist we are, and what we want to associate our practice of Buddhism with.

      Let the resistance begin now in earnest.

      The time for questioning OTD’s actions is over.

      It is time for all woke Buddhists whoever you are and whatever form of Buddhism you practice to stand against OTD and any Buddhist teacher, any Buddhist organization, any Buddhist media in our country that associates themselves in any way with OTD until we sort out for ourselves what in the world happened to the Karma Kagyu lineage.

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