As 17th Karmapa OTD must explain to us how he came to be involved with the very same people the 16th Karmapa fled in 1959

Given our history with China it is not unreasonable that we demand of OTD that he explain his relationship with these people.

Two generations of Americans in the past century sacrificed their lives during the Cold War for the threat they posed at the time to our way of life here.

This isn’t about Tibetans.

Or their history with the Chinese.

Tibet is part of China.

There is no future for the Tibetan people other than as citizens of China at this point in their history.

Even the Dalai Lama accepts this.

That being said this scandal is about us and who we are.

There is no question that he as 17th Karmapa has involved himself with the very same people that the 16th Karmapa fled in 1959 during the Cold War.

OTD must answer to us for what he has done.

Nothing else matters here.

In 2016 OTD was caught using money from these people to fund his Kagyu Monlam prayer festival.

It turns out that since 2007 OTD has been taking money from these people to pay for his Kagyu Monlam prayer festival.

In 2017 despite having been caught doing the above he went ahead and did it again.

OTD held his Kagyu Monlam Prayer festival using money from these people to pay for it.

His 2016 Kagyu Monlam prayer festival was a million dollar spectacular.

OTD’s 2017 Kagyu Monlam wasn’t open to the public, there was no press coverage of the event.

He knows that he has a problem with us.

OTD simply didn’t care enough about what we think to cancel his Kagyu Monlam prayer festival this year.

He broke has broke no laws so there is nothing we can do to prevent him from continuing to use Chinese money to pay for his Kagyu Monlam prayer festival.

OTD is clearly of the opinion that his relationship with these people is none of our business.

Thus we have no choice but to shut OTD and anyone in anyway involved with him here until he answers to our satisfaction in detail his relationship with these people, just as we would with the leader of any Buddhist sangha caught up in such a scandal which so brings into question not only our relationship with the Karma Kagyu lineage but also Tibetan Buddhism itself here.

I submit this for your consideration here.



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3 responses to “As 17th Karmapa OTD must explain to us how he came to be involved with the very same people the 16th Karmapa fled in 1959

  1. Andrew

    I think people in the west who have had contact with Tibetan teachers know deep down that enlightenment isn’t true. The bubble has burst and interest in Tibetan Buddhism is on the wane. The only part of the world that stays interested is the Eastern part and mostly because of cultural nostalgia.

    And then westerners have massively misunderstood the scope of dharma. In the Mahamudra presented by Khenpo Gangshar, the main focus of the teachings is to transform the mental landscape of an individual practitioner. Still we have had a narcissistic West adopting practices because of the idea of having grand experiences and wanting to have power over material reality. They believe the tales of siddhis and so on whereas the real benefit of the teachings is in clearing out the mental landscape of individual who has been conditioned to suffer.

    Westerners have simply got it wrong and it’s not exactly their fault. You should talk more about what happened to Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso. He was about to teach a lot of esoteric practices related to Mahamudra but then decided not to. His stroke changed his brain and effected him in ways that were surprising to his students. Ponlop Rinpoche has lost a great deal because of this. Khenpo was also supposed to provide guidance to Jamgon Kongtrul. A lot of things didn’t turn out well. Still some students remain sophists or worse. And the need for genuine Mahamudra instruction a la Khenpo Gangshar has increased. Outwardly I would be a sociologist and inwardly I would practice the kind of sublimation Khenpo Gangshar had in mind. Dharma politics ain’t pretty.

    • J. R. "Bob" Dobbs

      I’ve seen all kinds of siddhis and inexplicable phenomena. The problem is that they don’t follow the dictates of ego. They arise as ego starts to wane. I think Tibetans tend to know this.

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