Dramatic OTD confession confirms his role in cover up of Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche scandal…

I continue my read out from the video of OTD’s statement at his 2017 Kagyu Monlam prayer festival on Jamgon Kongtrul scandal which has the Karma Kagyu lineage on the brink of failure under his leadership.

OTD confirms that JKR4th was abused as child when he had him separated from his parents at such a young age, and so on, without taking responsibility for his role in said abuse.

OTD understands why JKR4th did what he did.

He too was given a title and responsibility beyond his capabilities as a child so he knows well how Rinpoche feels about the situation he found himself in from a very young age.

OTD confirms abuse is systemic.

He feels regret.

He let Rinpoche down.

Apologizes for his failure.

OTD angry and depressed but still believes in succession by reincarnation.

Confirms that he is not presently in contact with Rinpoche.

Wants JKR4th to know he cares about him.

OTD confirms that the JKR4th scandal is a great setback for the Karma Kagyu lineage given the untimely demise of his predecessor, and so on.

Does not address the suicide of JKR4th’s predecessor.

OTD reaffirms his confidence in succession by reincarnation.

Unlike JKR4th he isn’t going anywhere.

Confirms he could have done what Rinpoche did but chose otherwise.

OTD introduces ancestor worship as the new guru yoga for the Karma Kagyu faithful, keep those donations coming.

In Rinpoche’s absence the Jamgon Kongtrul Labrang needs your financial support now more than ever to continue without a Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche.

OTD confirms JKR4th’s apostasy, asks that he not give up on sentient beings, and so on.

OTD at a loss for words.

Long pause.

Clearly upset.

Too little, too late.

Shut it down!

Shut it down!

Shut it down!



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9 responses to “Dramatic OTD confession confirms his role in cover up of Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche scandal…

  1. David Westbury

    A few days ago, referring to the Karmapa and JKR you wrote:

    “And OTD being who he is wants us to know nothing apparently.”

    I’d say you were wrong and you should at least publicly acknowledge this.

  2. David didn’t Bill just do that by blogging this?

  3. SurferSam

    Aint no problem making mistakes David, we all do. But if ya do make mistakes ya gotta own em Bill!

  4. Does anybody has downloaded the video confession? It’s no longer on Youtube.
    I think its great that OTD says that, but its very Tibetan that he says the Labrang of JKR needs money, even thought JKR said clearkly that he left because of the labrang. I think if you bear the name Karmapa you should behave like a Karmapa – and a Karmapa has no political or financial backthoughts.
    And I think its a shame that the confession was erased from Youtube.

  5. SurferSam

    The JKR Labrang needs money to assist in accommodation, to feed and educate roughly 500 monks. As well as the community programs they run. Plus Pullahari Gompa was damaged in the recent earthquakes.

  6. The statement is again online, but there’s no abuse mentioned. Did they take that part out of the video (censorship on “Karmapa’s” words) or didn’t he mention it on the first place? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRXMMX5c9gY Bill was it your way to put it or did OTD use the word “abuse”? OTD says that he is sure that the Labrang acted with pure intentions, honestly I’m fed up of all this whitewashing. JKR4 clearly said that he and his friends were “abused” and “threatened” by the labrang.. To remind what JKR4 word by word posted on facebook:
    “The people in the labrang has send that official letter but to all the monks and others they have said I left cause of a friend ! Well it’s easy to accuse me of running away because of a girl and most people instantly believe, they say this to hide the true facts to why I left and to cover their dirty tracks. My friends have been complaining about how they have been threatened by the people in the labrang and have been a victim of verbal abuse.
    How long will they sustain this politics? They also have a life of there own why are they being dragged into this ? Few friends have left me cause of the way the people in labrang treated them after they supported me, some even sustained physical abuse.
    The way they treated me and my friends how can they even expect me to return ?
    As always I am true to myself and I don’t care what others spread rumour about me but spare my friends.
    If you have any queries message me directly stop involving my friends and stop bothering them 🙏.
    I am sick and tired of all these politics!
    For those who support me in this difficult time thank you very much once again!
    Tashi delek !”
    So where are the pure intentions OTD speaks about? Time to wash the laundery of the lineage (and not only this lineage, also the laundery of all the others who manipulate disciples). Otherwise Tibetan Buddhism will, in only a few years, have such a bad reputation in the west that it will disappear. In the West devotion can only be based on transparency.

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