No wonder the 17th Karmapa is so angry and depressed 

So it will be that we will henceforth remember with each passing year’s Kagyu Monlam the time an angry and depressed 17th Karmapa confessed to us his loss of yet another line of Karma Kagyu reincarnations under his watch.

Kalu Rinpoche was lost thanks to his being raped while under the 17th Karmapas protection.

Let us never forget that the monks that raped Kalu Rinpoche for all we know attended the 17th Karmapa’s Kagyu Monlam prayer festival this year.

Kalu Rinpoche will never forget his rapists.

We lost Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s successor to the Chinese.

This was on Situ Rinpoche though, his revenge on Vajradhatu as such, the original Rolex Rinpoche in his role as the 17th Karmapa’s Regent.

Situ Rinpoche did this while the 17th Karmapa’s regent.

Losing Traleg Rinpoche’s successor to the Chinese was harder on us than Tibetans.

Traleg Rinpoche was one of us more than them.

And now we have lost Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche’s successor.

As if the last Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche’s suicide wasn’t enough for us to process.

All lost since the 16th Karmapa passed into Parinirvana here in 1981.

No wonder the 17th Karmapa is angry and depressed.

I submit the above as written for your consideration.



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3 responses to “No wonder the 17th Karmapa is so angry and depressed 

  1. Dennys

    All good points! And yet the wonderful thing about this Kalu Rinpoche is that he is doing well- and frankly doing whatever he feels like, which in this context is bucking the Tibetan system. Look at what he is teaching so openly:

    Despite his being raped- a terrible thing- Kalu Rinpoche is free and from what we have seen, a happy well adjusted person.

    The whole Tsurphu Labrang group appear like a faction of Catholics in support of Pope Benedict- stern, solemn, chauvinistic.

    Where were the western practioners of the 6-yogas in the post you shared the other day? Oh that’s right, for HHGK 17 and his team, western people are not able, genetically, to fathom Naro’s six yogas.

    What crap! Go see Kalu Rinpoche if you get a chance!

  2. nikolas kaugon

    yikes, what is going on? western people are geneticlly incapable of the 6 yogas of naropa? i guess join shangpa kagyu and learn the 6 yogas of niguma!

  3. nikolas kaugon

    nice link dennys, good to see kdol is being used for something. the locals have let this resource , which could house many practioners, lie dormant.

    when i worked up there they had 9 three year retreatants there(if i remember my numbers). its a real shame the lack of activity from that group.

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