How could the 17th Karmapa have possibly known how to raise a child?

We assumed that 17th Karmapa would have known what every parent among us knows which is that when it comes to kids shit happens.

Our bad.

As the 17th Karmapa reminded us in his Kagyu Monlam mea culpa it’s really just a title given him, a job which he has resigned himself to performing, but as it turned out a job which Jamgon Kongtrul the 4th grew up to want nothing to do with.

This is on the 17th Karmapa for assuming that just because he expected Jamgon Kongtrul the 4th to be a monk that he would do what was expected of him.

I submit the above as written for your consideration here.



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5 responses to “How could the 17th Karmapa have possibly known how to raise a child?

  1. Dennys

    He knows a lot about globalization; perhaps he’ll become Donald Trump’s guru.

  2. nikolas kaugon

    please elicudate what is going on with the present jamgon kontrul? he has forsaken vows? left for another path?

    • Since April of last year Jamgon Kongtrul the 4th has been in hiding so what exactly happened is not known other than that the 17th Karmapa attempted to cover up what precipitated his apparent apostasy.

      It appears to be more than him deciding he wanted to pursue a career in medicine which is a pipe dream given his lack of relevant education as such.

      Last August Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche blew up said cover up when he took to Facebook to complain about attempts by the 17th Karmapa to bully him into walking back his decision to leave his monastery.

      Trungpa Rinpoche returned his vows.

      Traleg Rinpoche, too.

      So there is more going on here than Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche returning his vows apparently.

      In the 17th Karmapa’s mea culpa he reached out to Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche to not forsake sentient beings, and so on.

      In other words the 17th Karmapa is still trying to bully him back into line.

      It’s a complete disaster.

  3. nikolas kaugon

    kagyu politics mystifies me. all i know with any surety is kalu rinpoche said seven people would achieve complete enlightenment on mount tuam at kdol. i know the mountain well, and where to build a retreat hut in complete isolation, as a friend and i walked and climbed about with that in mind, some twenty five years ago. great weather, for canada. water sources, beautiful cliffs in almost complete isolation, but within a few hunded feet of places helpfull people could lower supplies to you. so if anybody is insterested i will help. the lama who said she’d get us supplies is gone from there but i bet it can be arranged. might do it myself someday.

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