The relationship between the 15th Karmapa and the 2nd Jamgon Kongtrul could not have been closer

Khakyab Dorje was the first Karmapa to marry and have children, one of which was recognized as the Second Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche,
so the 15th Karmapa’s guru having been Jamgon Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye, the First Jamgon Kongtrul, this had to have made for an interesting dynamic between disciple and guru as such.

It worked though, apparently, all of which begs the question of how it was that the 17th Karmapa and Jamgon Kongtrul the 4th came to as they appear to be today so estranged.

I submit the above as written for your consideration here.



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3 responses to “The relationship between the 15th Karmapa and the 2nd Jamgon Kongtrul could not have been closer

  1. If the Karmapa you thought not to be the Karmapa is a/the Karmapa, the JKR whom you thought not to be a JKR is maybe a JKR – and that answers the question: They have a close relationship:

  2. Dennys

    Yes, his Labrang sure needs to do whatever it can to remain relevant- even if it means being a museum of Jamgon Rinpoche. What a bunch of hucksters.

    But, as you see, Tibetans have very little integrity these days:

  3. ROFL

    One should also mention that Jamgon Kongtrul Migyur Drakpa Senge is the son of Beru Khyentse Rinpoche, and until the age of 14 stayed with his parents. Afterwards, he went to a Shedra, but in the vacations went back home or travelled with his father. From what I observed, TrinleyThaye Dorje and Shamar Rinpoche seemed reluctant to recognize a large number of Tulkus and only did so in a few cases. I remember that some people even criticized them for the apparent “lack of capacity” to find many Tulkus as other Lamas did. My own idea about this is different and I personally consider this to be a more responsible behavior. Trinley Thaye Dorje currently also lives in close proximity to his parents (his mother Mayum Dechen Wangmo and his father, the third Mipham Rinpoche). Never thought much about it, but you could probably say that the reincarnations of Khakyab Dorje, Khyentse Rinpoche, Jamgon Kongtrul and Ju Mipham are all united here again…

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