Lojong is not a path to liberation

I submit the following for your consideration here.

Vajradhara is a path of liberation.



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6 responses to “Lojong is not a path to liberation

  1. Ned

    Is lojong a form of mind control?

  2. okiebuddhist

    Lojong can lead to the realization of emptiness and is, therefore, a gradual path to liberation. One (most) cannot remain in a state of emptiness 24 hours per day. You mix the practices: Mahamudra, lojong, and other emptiness practices, including Ngondro and Chenrezig.

    Peace and lojong with mustard,

  3. It’s true, you don’t need a practice if you are already liberated. I think a lot of people are confused about that. They keep practicing and practicing and they really have no goal or never see a finish line. They just keep running around the track and wonder why they are exhausted and disillusioned at times.

    They never just stop and realize, “You know, every time I run around the track once, I cross the finish line.” And, “I just ran around it 10 times so I crossed that line 10 times and where was I, how did I miss it?”

    Realizing that you don’t just cross the finish line once changes the whole perspective of “practice”, you expect to cross that finish line over and over and stop trying to win the race.

  4. nikolas kaugon

    doing lojong with enlightened awareness is liberating,

    • That being said in terms of the three turnings of the wheel of the dharma though, Lojong is not a path to liberation as such.

      It’s of the Mahayana, not a path to liberation, all talk no action, theory, not practice.

      And so on.

      Therefore if you have committed yourself to enlightenment in this lifetime, the Vajrayana, it should be avoided?

      I think so.

      If you mix the Mahayana and the Vajrayana you end up with Tibetan Buddhism, which if you aren’t Tibetan should be avoided at all costs.

      I submit to your consideration that Lojong is fine for Tibetans while for us it is not and should be avoided as such.

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