Are we really to believe that a 13 year old Thaye Dorje recognized Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche?



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6 responses to “Are we really to believe that a 13 year old Thaye Dorje recognized Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche?

  1. ROFL

    According to the information there should be a letter, which is probably in the position of Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche.

    Karmapa Thaye Dorje was in Bodhgaya in 1996 and visited Beru Khyentse Rinpoche. So, it is possible:

    • The letter?


      It is utterly ridiculous to suggest that a 13 year old 17th Karmapa set eyes upon a child for the first time and declared him the reincarnation of someone he never even met.


      Thinking like a Tibetan is not a path to liberation.

  2. ROFL

    Can’t blame you as I would normally see it similarly. You have never met him, I suppose. Might make a difference. I do not believe in magic, but I trust in the qualities of mind – and Thaye Dorje is a great example for the mastery of this potential.

    • B.brown

      Never met the guy. I hear that he wanted to be a doctor rather than a Karmapa; at least that’s what he once told journalists.

      Still, it’s weird that only the magical thinkers believe this weird magic when it suits them and when it doesn’t they aren’t believers.

      ROFL their are terrible holes in your logic.

      • ROFL

        Funny that you mention that he said he wants to be a “doctor rather than” the Karmapa”. I never heard anything like this from him. Actually, if I remember correctly (couldn’t find it online), when being asked in an interview what profession he would like to take up if he wasn’t a Buddhist teacher, he said that – in that case – he would like to be a doctor. This is the most natural thing any Buddhist teacher would tell you. The physician is an epithet for the Buddha, the Buddhist teachings are usually compared with medicine, and even within the Kagyu lineage, we have a “great physician”, i.e. Gampopa.

        Normally, I also see a problem when children at a young age are put into strange positions. There is simply too many young tulkus in the Tibetan tradition. I find it very good that Shamar Rinpoche and Karmapa Thaye Dorje are very responsible with it and do not recognize Tulkus in the hundreds as others in our lineage did.

        In the case of Thaye Dorje, my impression is the situation is different as it appeared to be very natural for him right from the start. Besides, he was “already” 11 when he officially became the Karmapa (which is quite late for Tulkus) and always stayed in close contact with his parents. Just look at this interview of 2003 and how he responds to the question of what he himself thinks about being the Karmapa:

BT: Every Karmapa proclaims himself to be the Karmapa, and we understand you did the same when you were a small child.

        Karmapa: Yes, though I was very small at that time.

BT: Would you say that it was a strong conviction?

        Karmapa: Yes, and I had a strong feeling that I could do something good, simply put, that I could perform the activity of the dharma and take up the challenge to teach. I had very strong confidence. At that time, I was very small and I didn’t know exactly what that feeling meant. It was very strange, and I only began to understand it when I was six or seven years old.
        Through my practice, I can now say that I can take up and perform whatever the previous Karmapa did, and that I have the capacity to do it. That is what I feel. In that way, yes, I can say that I am the Karmapa. Karmapa simply means the person who carries out activity.

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