Rinpoche “Don’t take me for a suitcase”…

In the year 1976, Anglophone 17 year old me fled St Bruno, Quebec, to get away from this guy.

whatquebecwants.com photo credit unknown

Imagine if Donald Trump was a chain smoker.


And then I took refuge here in Chicago with this guy.

photo credit unknown

You might have heard of him.


This was in 1981

Rinpoche knew I wasn’t a suitcase to drop his shit in and walk away with my life.

That was the fear.

I avoided this guy like the devil if his name came up.

photo credit not avaible braungardt.trialectics.com

 On the down low I couldn’t get enough of what he was saying about Tibetan tradition.

It’s spirit materialism.

A necessary evil in the short term but nothing we can’t deal with.

So I thoughts when I was 22 years old.



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4 responses to “Rinpoche “Don’t take me for a suitcase”…

  1. nikolas kaugon

    i think you were wrong sbout trumpa and leveque, but i can’t say about karthag rinpoche.

    • When the recent Quebec City attack turned out to be a Trump supporter I wasn’t at all surprised.

      Trump and Lévesque are cut from the same cloth.

      Both are white ethno-nationalist.

      It’s all the same bullshit.

      In France you have LePen.

      Tibetan Buddhism is Spiritual Materialism.

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