India looking at 17th Karmapa in connection to Panama Papers?

Yes, snowflakes, the 17th Karmapa is up to his neck in this Panama Papers scandal.


As the Panama Papers document since 2007 the 17th Karmapa has apparently been using an offshore bank account to hide money he has been receiving from the Chinese to pay for his Kagyu Monlam Prayer festival which is against India’s laws governing foreign currency.


When charged this will be the second time the 17th Karmapa will have been charged for fraud by the Indian Government.



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3 responses to “India looking at 17th Karmapa in connection to Panama Papers?

  1. nikolas kaugon

    doesn’t he have lawyers? there are other ways to get sleazy money from china and hide it places that never come close to india. hold his events in america or europe. not that that is any more ethical, but it seems the advisors here are idiots

  2. One important thing to differ: The data-base you are using here, Bill, is “Offshore Leaks”, which was disclosed in 2013. (, while the “Panama Papers” became public in April 2016. Both investigative projects were managed by a team calling themselves “The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists” (ICIJ). So, these are two different leaks. As far as I understand, only a part of the “Panama Papers” has been integrated in the ICIJ data base yet.

    For those records you can’t find at the Offshore Leaks data base it may make sense to take a look at For instance, you’ll find an interesting note about a “Bhutan Limited”, registered at Cyprus ( A few months ago, there I had discovered a name some of us may know very well: Dilyak Drupon Rinpoche. His entanglement with this offshore company was reported about in Bhutanese media (

    But also the other Lama mentioned in the Offshore Leaks data base, Lama Chodrak [alias Karma Chodark Sherpa] is worth while to take a closer look at. You’ll find him e. g. here: – as quite an agitative fundraiser for the Orgyen Trinley Kagyu Monlam. By the way: The adress Lama Chodrak/Karma Chodark was registerd at in the Offshore Leaks database is a “Kagyupa International Monlam Ltd.” with its seat in Hong Kong, China (

    So it seems: Still much could be discovered under the top of the ice berg.

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