Long story short, Dear 17th Karmapa, who are you and what do you want from us?

I’m from a place, St Bruno, Quebec, where in 2017 if someone dies in a snow storm the French speaking majority blames the English speaking minority that hasn’t been running the government their since 1976 for the tragedy.

And nobody gives it a second thought.

In 1759 the English took their country.

Therefore, anything they don’t like about their country is the legacy of said English occupation of their country.

Even snow removal.


All of which brings me to your taking money from the Chinese, the very same people the 16th Karmapa fled in 1959 when they invaded Tibet.

Being from Quebec, my normal is that if it has anything to do with the English it has to be bad.

Some version of this kind of thinking isn’t unique to Quebec.


I’m no fan of enthno-nationalists, whether we are talking about the PQ in Quebec, the FN in France, Donald Trump’s America, or the Dalai Lama himsef.

I do understand where their ethno-nationalism comes from.

It comes from their narrative, how they understand themselves as a people.


I totally got why the 16th Karmapa fled the Chinese, to resist China’s occupation of Tibet and to live to fight another day with us on his side against the Chinese, and so on as the story goes.

What I don’t get what you have been up to when it comes to the Chinese, the very same people the 16th Karmapa fled in 1959.

For ten years you have taking money from these people.

There is no denying this, thanks to the Panama Papers.


Long story short, Dear 17th Karmapa, who are you and what do you want from us?



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4 responses to “Long story short, Dear 17th Karmapa, who are you and what do you want from us?

  1. Snowy


  2. Seems that also another Lama mentioned in the Offshore Leaks data base, Lama Chodrak [alias Karma Chodark Sherpa] is worth while to take a closer look at. You’ll find him e. g. here: http://www.kagyumonlam.org/index.php/en/sponsorship – as quite an agitative fundraiser for the Orgyen Trinley Kagyu Monlam. By the way: The adress Lama Chodrak/Karma Chodark was registerd at in the Offshore Leaks database is a “Kagyupa International Monlam Ltd.” with its seat in Hong Kong, China (https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/88172).

  3. ROFL

    Well, actually, if you click on the link to make your donation via wire transfer, you are opening a form with all account details. Surprise, surprise, the account name given there is “Kagyu Monlam International (HK) Ltd.”
    Doesn’t that sound familiar from the offshore account report? So, the question to ask is: do donations to the Monlam still take the “short-cut” via the Virgin Islands in order to arrive in India (if they arrive there at all that is)?


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