Kagyu Office has yet to congratulate newlywed 17th Karmapa…

11:37 AM Chicago Update, Thaye Dorje was the 17th Karmapa for winning our contest.


The 17th Karmapa eloped with the very same woman we were told was the 17th Karmapa’s sister.

He did have a premarital tiff with a woman at Gyuto monastery as witnissed by a reader and shared here.

They have been lying to us all for years.

I still want to know what the deal is with the 17th Karmapa’s “sister wife” regardless.

Your’e next Apo Gaga.

Marriage is only the first step.

We need Tulkus for a Free Tibet.

Get busy.

Grandpa has been celebrating all morning.

A married Karmapa!!!

Karmapa Chenno!


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