“Realizing the true nature of our mind doesn’t happen just by accident, pure luck, or willpower alone”




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3 responses to ““Realizing the true nature of our mind doesn’t happen just by accident, pure luck, or willpower alone”

  1. Sam

    Thought cannot conceive or formulate to itself the nature of space. Whatever it formulates has within it the limitation of its own boundaries. This is not the space which meditation comes upon. Thought has always a horizon. The meditative mind has no horizon. The mind cannot go from the limited to the immense, nor can it transform the limited into the limitless. The one has to cease for the other to be. Meditation is opening the door into spaciousness which cannot be imagined or speculated upon. Thought is the center round which there is the space of idea, and this space can be expanded by further ideas. But such expansion through stimulation in any form is not the spaciousness in which there is no center. Meditation is the understanding of this center and so going beyond it. Silence and spaciousness go together. The immensity of silence is the immensity of the mind in which a center does not exist. The perception of this space and silence is not of thought. Thought can perceive only its own projection, and the recognition of it is its own frontier.
    Krishnamurti quoted from the web

  2. Starshine

    Krishnamurti, another disrober!

    • Starshine

      But I’d much rather talk about things that are fun – like lucid dreams, out of body experience and stories about amazing experiences. Because to see for yourself how everything is mind, projection, desire and creativity is the funambulatory path Austin Spare talked about.
      Then there is no need for some austere seriousness, as you relax and enjoy what is with wisdom.

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