“Stand Against Suffering: An Unprecedented Call to Action by Buddhist Teachers”



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  1. Feynman

    The sutra’s show us a teacher who was multi-partisan as it were — conversant with a number of divergent philosophies and ideologies of his day. Many commentators note how adaptable the Buddha was, adapting his teaching to speak in the language of whomever he was speaking to at the moment. In short the Buddha practiced ideological diversity. The middle way came out of the diversity of his own experience before his Lion’s Roar.

    It’s difficult to understand how well known dharma teachers could miss the element of ideological diversity in the buddhadharma . Thus when the signatories declare that “We must explore and expose privilege and areas of ignorance, and address racism, misogyny, class prejudice, and more” but leave off ideological diversity, partisan privilege or attachment to a particular political view we are right to wonder what is going on. Without a multi-partisan mindfulness how is it possible to “set an example for the broader society by creating safe, respectful, and inclusive sanghas”. . It would seem that when stepping into issues of political conflict the importance of addressing our own ignorance, prejudice, privilege and xenophobia would be blindingly obvious.

    In conclusion. Knowing the inner motives of others is largely speculative. But we can say that face of it the signatories of this statement are blind to their own “privilege and areas of ignorance:”. It can be further fairly safely stated that for some this statement has been chilling rather than reassuring.

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