“The Mystery of Samaya”



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  1. nikolas kaugon

    good article. i have been accused of wrong speech by openly condemning the sex abuse and a few other criminal actions of a teacher(guess who?) this is a teavher i hqve no connection and never learned from but his followers often post his sayings on groups that are not for that lineage and expect everyone to be ok with that. i am not. i think they should keep their teacher to their group considering his illegal actions. is it wrong speech to question these acts openl;y/ both the teacher and the acts of his students constantly posting their teachers ideas on other groups?

    moreover it was called “the rain of nastiness ” in the words of dudjom rinpoche. i knew a few dudjom rinpoche students. he was equally critical of this and many other teachers. i do resent people who appear to have no conection to dudjom rinpoche quoting him to shut me up.. so what do people think? is any of this improper or proper?

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