On the 20th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg’s death 


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2 responses to “On the 20th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg’s death 

  1. Nicolas kaugon

    Okay now I am questioning you’re awareness. Allen get was a pedophile. Too many people see him as a buddhist. Great poet, not a buddhisr

    • Does being a “bad” person preclude you from being a Karma Kagyu?


      I rest my case.

      In any other jurisdiction than India Ogyen Trinley Dorje would have been found guilty in 2010 of fraud.

      Today France charged 26 of its citizens for what the 17th Karmapa was caught doing to pay for his Kagyu Monlam.

      Ogyen Trinley Dorje is the ‘Bernie Madoff’ of Buddhism estimated to be worth over a billion dollars.

      He takes money from the Chinese.

      Ogyen Trinley Dorje a collaborator.

      Once he gets his hands on the ‘Black Crown’ he’s going back to China.

      And speaking of the welfare of children let us not forget that the monks that raped Kalu Rinpoche are still monks in good standing as far as Ogyen Trinley Dorje yet my fellow Karma Kagyu refuse to pursue the matter.

      Allen Ginsberg may not have been a ‘Buddhist’ as far as you are concerned but he was a holder of the Mahasiddha inspired Karma Kagyu lineage.

      We have all kinds in my Karma Kagyu lineage.

      That Allen liked boys I have this from someone with first hand experience.

      His parents wouldn’t let him in the same room alone growing up.

      I hear you.

      I’m a parent and a grandparent.

      That being said I know of no allegations of Allen Ginseng being involved in the sexual assault.

      That the monks that raped Kalu Rinpoche are still monks is on Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

      Joe Patterno ‘Sandusky’ scandal was his ruin.

      The stink from his involvement in the rape of Kalu Rinpoche is all over Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

      Just imagine if he was a Catholic Bishop involved in the gang rape of an alter boy.

      We need to be talking about this, if we care about the welfare of children.

      Let’s talk about the much needed radical reform of how we raise Tulkus.

      How many children in Karma Kagyu Monasteries under the direct control of Ogyen Trinley Dorje have been sexually abused under his watch?


      Keep an eye on Allen.

      Thanks for the heads up but he died 20 years ago.

      Show a little deference to those whom remember him for his contribution to our lineage.

      Such behavior is very ‘Un-Canadien’ of you for a Halifax boy, eh?

      At least you didn’t wake up in Newfoundland this morning.

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