We and the Chinese in how we practice Tibetan Buddhism have nothing in common


In terms of how we practice Buddhism
this is not who we are as Buddhists.


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2 responses to “We and the Chinese in how we practice Tibetan Buddhism have nothing in common

  1. Starshine

    Spiritual materialism, and why YOU cannot become enlightened!
    Because what you believe to be yourself, everything you think you are, experiences, knowledge etc is a temporary entity.
    The reality is you are clutching at identity like a straw, not knowing what is real, fearing it because to you it is death.
    But to see the whole you have to first see the center, and see where and what you are clinging to.
    The idea YOU will somehow become a magical enlightened being others will want to worship, emulate and admire is Satanic.
    What is real already is enlightened, wholesome and free.
    Meditation is not acquiring anything, becoming anything or achieving holiness in any way that your ego can grasp. You are a work of fiction created by a mad society to be a little cog in an andless wheel of insanity.
    You are no different than the tulkus who are indoctrinated from toddlerhood to be religious idols and money makers. Your parents, not knowing how to raise a healthy mind, gave you away to twisted religions called communism, democracy, religion, and socialism to be a good worker bee. Always afraid, always running with the other rats around a maze nobody can finish.
    I love you, because you are myself and we are in this together.
    Good luck 😀

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