Speaking of having a sense of humor, my lack thereof…

I find this picture hilarious.



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4 responses to “Speaking of having a sense of humor, my lack thereof…

  1. nikolas kaugon

    there’s no need to stress irony, we are trying to be adults here.

  2. Dan

    It’s funny to you because you have forgotten about recent earthquakes in Nepal and Tibet which devastated monasteries.

  3. Dear Dan, that’s a bit unfair. Nobody has forgotten the earthquake. And we never will, the aftershocks are still being felt in the lives of ordinary Nepalese and will be felt for some time.

    He looks so cute in his hard hat. Maybe he can take that back to tsurphu instead of the Black Crown?


  4. Starshine

    I think the pic was meant to be comical.
    The world may need more than hard hats (or black or red hats) in the future, but good for them.
    I’m thinking this obsessive concern over karmapas may indicate a serious lack of humor sir, because you’re taking all these appearances too seriously.
    My karmapa looks like bugs bunny and talks metaphysics, we have fun and nobody gets a bellyache.
    I’m off to the mountains 😀

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