Dear 17th Karmapa, last year Jamgon Kongtrul Tulku disappears into streets of Katmandu and hasn’t been seen since, please elaborate…

All he did was ‘disrobe’ and has been in hiding ever since.



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5 responses to “Dear 17th Karmapa, last year Jamgon Kongtrul Tulku disappears into streets of Katmandu and hasn’t been seen since, please elaborate… 

  1. Dear Bill, there is a deep unsettling tremor in the force, and your finger is pointing right at it.

    Are we seeing?


    • Karmapa Thaye Dorje versus His Holiness the 17th Karmapa.

      Us versus them.

      • No not an us vs them thing. It’s a right and wrong thing. Just the violence years ago at Rumtec, the lies that were told and still repeated today, and the mounting evidence of illegal financial situations. I for one and I think you too would love to hear OTD’s Jamgon Kontrol’s full story. His running away speaks volumes. With out a single word being said, but I would urge him to come forward and tell all to us all. It is the right thing to do.


        • This is what I bring to the discussion though.

          I’m from Quebec.

          Everything is ‘us versus them’ as such.

          This is my thing here.

          I’ve been watching these people through this perspective of mine since 1981.

          Thus during the 1980’s when my friends here were all sentimental about the Chinese allowing Tibetans such as my then middle age Rinpoche living in the West to return to the Monasteries they fled in their youth I knew right then and their this is where we would end up when it was all said and done.

          It has all come home to roost for those Tibetans that found common cause with the Chinese in their project to ‘preserve’ Tibetan Buddhism beginning with restoring the monastery’s they fled as young men.

          It is beyond fitting for OTD that he has chosen to have his little tea and biscuits with his Chinese followers in the U.K. of all places.

          Without Akong Rinpoche Ogyen Trinley Dorje would not be the Karmapa he is today.

          It all began with him working with the Chinese in the 1980’s.

          OTD in visiting the U.K. next month is returning to the scene of the crime Akong committed against the Tibetan cause as far as I am concerned.

          But that’s just the kid from St Bruno, Quebec talking ‘us and them’ like some crazy person which works for me.

          This is what I bring to the discussion here.

          • Bill, I agree with you and most if not all of the facts. Especially Akong, and such, but I would only like to say that just because you are québécois does not negate the budddha dharma. There is no us and them, there is only an us. Individuals will play and experience their karmas, and what an interesting karma OTD and the Dalai Lama, have. Especially the Dalai Lama I really had a good laugh with the video of John Oliver that you posted. The stunning similarity between the situations with the Dalai Lama and the Panchan Lama and what the Dalai Lama did in the kagyu lineage is astounding. At the end one could only cry. I guess even high lamas experience karma. And we have the karma to be in this situation with two Karmapas. Maybe it us against ourselves?


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