The last thing U.K. buddhists need is Ogyen Trinley Dorje



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4 responses to “The last thing U.K. buddhists need is Ogyen Trinley Dorje

  1. Warrenz

    The last thing UK Buddhists need is to be told what they need by the likes of you.

  2. Respectfully Warrenz does anyone need a multi billionaire lama?


  3. Warrenz

    Bill is quick to spout American exceptionalism. We’re kinda sick of Americans telling what we should believe over here.

    I fail to see what personal profit Orgyen Trinley enjoys from the all the money that the Indian nationalist newspapers claim the Karmap Kagyu has. Just like i cannot see the personal benefit for Thaye Dorje gets from the millions that poured in from Chinese benefactors (cf. Where’s the yachts, the multiple homes in L.A, Macau, and the south of France? The golden elevators?

    If you have trouble with Lamas having money – I think Tibetan Buddhism is probably not for you. That said, my teacher had very little money. And what little he had gave to help the poorest in Tibet, Nepal, Zimbabwe and Glasgow. He gets accused of being a traitor to Tibet for that on these pages. Seems we can’t catch a break from you guys.

  4. I agree that what the lamas have should go to the poor or a good cause. One of my teachers the Sharmapa was building monasteries before he died. Two of the biggest would be near his house at Rumtec, the famous house where 200 of the 16th Karmapa’s monks were forced to live after being kicked out of Rumtec, and one called sharmanub in Nepal that’s purpose is to educate poor Buddhists. Both good causes, now what is OTD doing with his billions besides a flash show at his monlam? And it is not just Bill, who by the way is Canadian not American, who are calling OTD out. It is many people Europeans, Asians, Australians, and South Americans who believe OTD is a very poor example of a karmapa. I am however willing to hear your examples of the good that OTD does.


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