What happened at Milarepa Ösel Chö Dzong in Blount County, Tennessee?

Happy lamas, Karma and Samten in 2012.






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24 responses to “What happened at Milarepa Ösel Chö Dzong in Blount County, Tennessee?

  1. Sam

    Looking for love in all the wrong places?
    Guess it’s one of those Viagra Empowerment things.
    Or human beings let their warm fuzzy selves surface in an environment charged with suppressed wankiness. Instead of enlightenment they got embarrassed. A lot of us have been there.
    No problem keep moving along.
    Healing all around. 😀

  2. How about having every person who takes refuge sign a legal agreement that says that any sexual relations that they have with teachers or other sangha members is strictly consensual? Let’s get rid of the sexual hang up thing.

  3. Whether it is consensual or not, does not make it appropriate. Transmit Dharma, not cooties.

  4. Sam

    Sometimes a hang up makes you hump like a bunny rabbit, seeing everyone as a potential bed buddy. I’m trolling too I suppose, but I see bodies as meat bags. Nothing appealing about that. i experience attraction and revulsion on another level, still reacting to appearances yet still dualistic. Going beyond appearances IS a dharma practice, right? Not being triggered by appearances is also dharma practice.

  5. Moonie

    One skill learned in debate is to be able to present the opposite opinion and vehemently argue for it. Because an opinion is just that, nothing persists except awareness. Logical brain isn’t logical, it’s a bundle of concepts springing from a very creative consciousness. Appearing to be schizophrenic, the ego finds the only way to support and bolster its existence is to wage war on “others”. This is the method of creation, the appearance of opposites and self exploration through projection.
    It is what it is. Nothing really there at all.

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