Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s epic London failure

This is embarrassing.




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16 responses to “Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s epic London failure

  1. Warrenz

    Provide some evidence of this epic fail or be branded fake news!

  2. Warrenz

    Yes I did read it. What partcularly do you take issue with? Or have you got to the stage where you can accept nothing he says as valid?

    • It’s a big fail for his New translation

      His words speak for themselves,

      They don’t translate..

      Think for a moment what his message to us is at this point in time.

      Did Manchester happen?

      Not for OTD.

      • Jasper


        Bill, you have every right to think whatever you like, but maybe want to share your reasoning with us?

      • Warrenz

        I think you missed this:

        “Before moving on to the main event, the teaching, blessing and empowerment by His Holiness the Karmapa, the audience stood for a minute’s silence and prayer for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack on 22 May 2017. Led by Khenpo Tsewang, Buddhist chaplain to the Gurkhas and spiritual leader of the BCCUK, everyone joined in chanting the Dewachen Aspiration Prayer for all sentient beings to gain rebirth in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha.

        Finally, it was the Karmapa’s turn to speak. He thanked everybody, and then, in a quieter more sombre voice, he reflected on how his joy during this first visit to the UK had been counterbalanced by profound sadness at the terrorist attack in Manchester and drew lessons from the experience. On the morning immediately following the attack, His Holiness had led prayers for the dead and injured before giving a talk at the Royal Asiatic Society. During his visit to the chapel of King’s College Cambridge, he had lit candles for the victims, but this was the first time he had spoken publicly about the atrocity: “That this visit to the UK has finally happened has been a cause of great joy for me. On the other hand, the bombing in Manchester, that terrible tragedy in which many people, but especially many young people, lost their lives has caused me great pain and sadness.” He continued, “I think we find ourselves at an interesting moment in time, where different types of joy and different types of sorrow occur simultaneously.”


        And as for no-one caring what you think. When everything you spew forth here is so negative, biased and unable to see even the slightest good, why would anyone care? Your position is not reasonable.

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