Ogyen Trinley Dorje confirms promise to return to Tsurphu 

Bon soir là .


Benv’nue .



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2 responses to “Ogyen Trinley Dorje confirms promise to return to Tsurphu 

  1. The existence of the farewell letter was not in doubt. On january 5, 2000, Orgyen Trinley Dorje appeared at the Dalai Lama’s headquarter in Dharamsala. On Jan. 7 several Media (e.g. AP, Reuters agencies, ABC News) reported:
    “Xinhua news agency did not say when or how the head of the Kagyu Sect of Tibetan Buddhism left or where he went, but said he left behind a letter saying he did not mean to betray “the state, the nation, the monastery or the leadership.”
    The letter said the boy […] had gone to get musical instruments and black hats used by previous reincarnations of the Karmapa Lama, Xinhua reported.”

    When OT gave his first press conference by the end of April 2001 he explained the story a bit different. AFP, for example, described it like this:
    “”Having come to India as a refugee and having received the status of a refugee, I will only go back to China with his Holiness the Dalai Lama,” he said. […]
    When the news of his escape broke, the Chinese authorities said he had left a note, saying he had only left temporarily to collect the “black hat” — the ‘crown’ of the Kagyu sect — and various sacred musical instruments.
    At Friday’s press conference, the Karmapa ridiculed the Chinese version.
    “I said in the letter that I had asked for permission to travel internationally and not received it,” he said.
    “I did not mention the black hat and musical instruments. Why would I want to bring them back from India to China? The only reason I would want to do that would be to place the hat on (Chinese President) Jiang Zemin’s head.””

    It would be interesting to see the original letter withheld by now. However, I suppose Chinese authorities are not interested to get Karmapa title claimant Orgyen Trinley Dorje in trouble.

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