“Stranger things have happened” Rinpoche said, and I’ve been a lama ever since

Bon après midi là,Shadow in halway, Edgewater, Chicago

I objected, I hadn’t even begun ngondro, my friends

And so on, “Stranger things have happened” and again

But Rinpoche knew what I wanted from him, lesson learned

Be careful what you wish for, some things are best kept to yourself

A lifetime ago it seems, speaking of

I’m still going through my mom’s belongings

Lots of pictures of me I hadn’t seen in ages

Talk about lifetimes ago,

I’m like Jeff Sessions when asked about meeting the Russians

I can’t quite recollect being this person, like I ever could forget

Before death comes clarity, this is what I wanted from Rinpoche

What he taught me, what makes me a lama

In his eyes, I nailed it
that summer of

The Widow maker, it was like riding a wave

I’ve been on that wave ever since, nothing lasts forever

I feel like I felt three years before the Widowmaker

But without the excuses

No bullshitting around this time around for me

Bring on the ultrasound, ready the stress test

Bill the insurance, lets do this right

I hate emergency rooms, too much sitting around

Talk about sad, better get this done while I have health insurance

My peers, speaking about what is happening

Are sworn to silence, we will be the last to know

Ogyen Trinley Dorje is in Tsurphu, which brings us back to

“Stranger things have happened” as Rinpoche said, words true indeed




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