“Hong Kong was supposed to liberalize China. How did the opposite happen?”

Bon matin là,

Hat tip @issacstonefish “Journalist. Senior Fellow, Asia Society


Wrong about Hong Kong and wrong about Ogyen Trinley Dorje we today know that we were mistaken about what we thought to be China’s post-Maoist future.




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4 responses to ““Hong Kong was supposed to liberalize China. How did the opposite happen?”

  1. Warrenz

    1. Why would anyone ever believe Hong Kong could change the Chinese Communist Party?
    2. OTD has never been to Hong Kong. Thaye Dorje seems to like it though. He goes there alot. Maybe you should ask him?


    • Find me a Karma Kagyu public figure that was an adult in 1981 whom I can discuss this with then.

      Interesting side note Ponlop Rinpoche since 2009 has followed me on Twitter and we have a history together.

      He is one of the over hundred thousand people around the world whom have read me. I lost a gig because he is has read me. That being said
      When Traleg Rinpoche died and I was one of the first to know I sent him a direct message.

      It was past his bedtime. I was at a Sox game attending a corporate outing that evening. He only heard about it the next day.

      For fear of speaking out of turn, there would be consequences. Your peers and your betters whom prefer not to be scrutinized as I am here would be none to happy with you.

      This has nothing to do with Karmapa Thaye Dorje.

      Throw shade on Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s rival. It’s no skin off my nose. I care not for the small group of former slave owners these young men for some reason can’t seem to separate themselves from.

      Some here would argue that Karmapa Thaye Dorje has demonstrated himself to be more woke than The 17th Karmapa but as far as I’m concerned I see two very interesting young minds still beholden to the 2% of Tibetans whom prior to 1959 owned 98% of their fellow Tibetans.

      This is all public record.

      A Tibetan exile has taken an unprecedented amount of money from the Chinese. This Tibetan exile whom has taken said unprecedented amount of Chinese money is Ogyen Trinley Dorje.

      That no public figure associated with Ogyen Trinley Dorje can speak to what he is doing speaks for itself. If you don’t like what I have to say do something about it.

      I’ve been patiently listening to you bitch and moan and otherwise act out here for going on five years now.

      I find your situation one I can relate to personally. I know people whom think you brave just for daring to post a comment here.

      If you lived in Chicago a creature of the local retreat lama in charge would have shut you down years ago.

      One such creature threatened me with violence and KTD had to shut these people down.

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