“I was a person of interest in a murder investigation” speaking of that time in college with friends at a party

Bon lunch là,

West Side, Bucktown, Chicago

And nobody present is surprised, that’s the kid of Lama I am.

“It is important to have a wide range of experiences, both those that feel good and ones that feel bad.” Wisdom via Khenpo Tsulrim Gyamtso Rinpoche

If anyone thinks that once a lama points out for them the true nature of the mind and they have habituated themselves under the direct supervision by said lama over thirty years all that is required is to be a lama themselves is never give up on being who they are I am here to agree with these people.

I’m that old guy with a 7 year schooling him on his mom’s iPhone and the coolness of this amazing world of his world. His dad has a flip phone in 2017. A tenured professor. Mom with the successful musician’s career depends on the phone than than she feels comfortable. Good thing there was a grey head with an empty lap.

I can now say that I experienced Angry Birds through the eyes of a seven year old, not a stretch for me at this point in my ill heath. I feel very much like the sickly kid on the block that can’t come out and play.

I have no life exclusive to myself. I need only continue to be a part of the lives of the loving friends and family whom I am sharing this experiece with for howsoever long it last.

My ultrasound and stress test is tomorrow afternoon. No coffee and so on the stress test has begun. I know the routine well. I have to say it has been nothing if not interesting being a person of interest to my people here in this city.

In St Bruno, Quebec I could have been a big fish in a small. My family lived up the mountain on the side of the golf course where Serge Savard lived. I wore mucklucks. Hockey is a religion where I’m from. God wore mucklucks and drove his dog sled through my front yard as a kid. I miss life there more with each pasding year but I am very happy and blessed to have what I have made for myself.

The Shamarpa was right, this was before the 16th Karmapa died, that a future Karmapa would need a Chicago lama and he saw me as that person. Forget about running off to India and sitting at his feet. It has all been done before. I had everything I needed right here. Everything none of them, Situ, and so on.

I’ll never forget Situ Rinpoche complaining about how he can recite volumes on patience but that he personlly has never had the experience of having to be patient with someone. He wasn’t a happy tulku, none of them were in 1981.

Unlike Traleg Rinpoche whom the 16th Karmapa go his own way after Sanskrit University where he fell in love with Disco and it’s goddesses. While I sat in a snow bank listing Pink Floyd he was dancing up a storm in his amazingly luminous mind, the very same we all share, as we we always have as sentient beings.

Anyway it was the high point of my day being introduced to the world of a seven your old at a party with no other kids to play with. Hey, somebody had a use for me. I haven’t had a use since my heart attack. I’m determined to have another summer but I’m living this summer like it is my last. I suggest you do the same. Nothing I think matters. It’s all what you make of it.



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14 responses to ““I was a person of interest in a murder investigation” speaking of that time in college with friends at a party

  1. That’s really sad and i suppose the troll who posted this thinks he/she is a real good Buddhist.

    Thanks for sharing Bill. Good luck at your test tomorrow.


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