“Oh, he died doing a routine pre-op stress test” at an Irish wake on Chicago’s Northwestside this evening…

Tire-toi une bûche ,

The deceased was a 58 years old with a wife and two adult children and he died of an embolism on a treadmill, what I feared myself just recently  when my cardiologist had me take a stress test. “My doctor is trying to kill me” I joked, not very original of me in retrospect, I can imagine the deceased joking with the nurse when he crashed and all hell broke loose.

“Each human mind has its own burden of suffering, there is no happy time in samsara.” Gendun Chopel

“There is no time free from the straits of hope and fear; practice the essential sacred dharma now.” Gendun Chopel

“You should never use the word ‘karma’ when talking about someone else.” Sharon Salzberg

Go Blackhawks!

L’affaire est Ketchup !


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