“After allegations, Sogyal Rinpoche retires from Rigpa”

Tire-toé une bûche ,


l’affaire est ketchup !



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4 responses to ““After allegations, Sogyal Rinpoche retires from Rigpa”

  1. Roger

    KTD IS NEXT!!!

    May those lying Tibetan dogs be made to answer for their crimes!!!!

  2. Mikhal

    Good stuff. I had a good read of what your website has to offer. Unlike most of your critics, I applaud the criticality. After all the buddha said we must forge our own dharma, each of us. Alone. I particularly like how your dharma upsets devotees of the genuine vajrayana dharma. They need to look at that further, The guru must. And I repeat this, must be accountable if they wish to sit upon that high thrown. I am also a misanthrope. You have no idea if I am a pretyekabuddha or just a loner pot head interested in the kaygyu dharma. Perhaps I am far far from both. But my critique is fierce and solitary. You do sound much like an old man on his myopic dream train with whether this Lama fucked this many women, and so forth. Its so whatever that I can’t even comment further. Also the whole drab affair of the Karmapa is such old news. Its obvious from your incessant posts that your have nothing more to do than be a critic. Critics, in my opinion, are not artists. And you seem to have made a fine little retirement hobby of being a critic. Sorry for you. The siddhis are there for each of us to have. Its been placed on our laps. Adhistana is real. I pray that the pantheon of preoccupation subsides; that your practice becomes real and meaningful. Your ‘I took pointing out from so and so’ is laughable. I am an american vajrayana buddhist to the core. Have you not yet understand that it is all dancing in front of you: yidam, dakini, emptiness and Brightness. Every word I write takes me away from my mantra so I will leave it there for now. E MA HO

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