In the future there will be no Khenpo Karthar Yangsi for KTD

A reader commented, “In the future Ogyen Trinley Dorje will enthrone Khenpo Karthar’s Yangsi at KTD.”

When Khenpo Karthar passes Thrangu monastery with the approval of the Chinese Government will enthrone his reincarnation there.

“Just as with the forced conversion of Drukpa Monastaries by the Karma Kagyu sect there Ogyen Trinley Dorje will have nothing to do with this.”

Unlike as with the forced conversions of the Drukpa monasteries though nobody will take issue this happening..

“It’s a done deal.”

In August Khenpo Karthar will be returning to Thrangu Monastery.

“Since 1991 the restoration of Thrangu Monastery has been Rinpoche’s life’s work which is why he arranged for his nephew, Lama Karma to come here in the first place.”

It had nothing to do with KTD.

“Lama Karma’s sole purpose here has been to prepare for his future role as tutor of the child to be recognized and enthroned as his uncle’s reincarnation at Thrangu monastery.”

KTD is not a Tibetan monastery.

“At best, it is a museum. At worst, a tourist attraction.”

Since the 1991 repatriation of the Karma Kagyu sect to what once was Tibet its sole interest in America has been the real estate it holds here.

“Once Rinpoche passes KTD will continue as it has always done to serve the Chinese community here whom have been its sole financial support from the very beginning.”

In the future there will be no Khenpo Karthar Yangsi for KTD, ever.


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If Lama Kathy had an opinion other than Khenpo Karthar’s

A reader commented, “Lama Kathy would beg to differ.”

Kathy Wesley, KTD Board Member, thinking for herself?

“That would be a welcome development.”

If any American associated with KTD over the past 39 years had an opinion other than that of Khenpo Karthar’s, Ogyen Trinley Dorje wouldn’t think the place a museum.


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Why Ogyen Trinley Dorje hates to visit KTD

A reader asked, “Why all the hate for KTD?”

KTD, Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, located in Woodstock, New York, is the monastic seat built to serve China’s supporters of Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s sect both here and abroad, the Karma Kagyu, the Chinese government’s best hope for harmonizing itself with with its Tibetan citizens.

“This place is like a museum,” His Holiness said.

After decades of pay to play, its Tibetan inspired historical re-enactors having selected out for their purposes people actually interested in practicing the dharma, ironically, all in Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s name, that His Holiness finds the place not to his liking is an understatement.


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What motivates someone to become a Dorje Shugden supporter?

Craig Tweeted, “Unfollows anyone with Kelsang in their name.”

He had been trolling some Dorje Shugden accounts on Twitter for some reason.

I asked him, “How would you characterize what their thing is? What gets them out of bed in the morning?”

“Pure Politics. Karma dumbat. No one is standing between you and your alter. This is just PR for their cult.”

“Allow me to clarify my question. If I was to write a character based on one of this people, what makes them tick?”

“Power. A third-chakra entanglement.”

“As a group what kind of person do they select for? I’m interested in writing a character based on such a person.”

“One too determined to escape life in his parent’s basement to think very deeply.”

“That describes most Tibetan Buddhists, does it not? I think so. What makes these people different?”

“They have teachers encouraging them to use their anger in a political campaign and buy it.”

“Is this not typical of all Tibetans though? I think so. Tibet was a theocracy, run by religious sects.”

“I don’t think so. Write that chapter without my input.”

I’m having difficulty getting a handle on why a dispute between Gelugpa exceptionalists and HHDL is a thing for these people. If anyone has any insight into the backstory of such a person I’d appreciate their input.


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The state of the Varjayana in the Bay Area today

The woman said “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

She lived in the Bay Area and was unfamiliar with the idea of being introduced by a student of a Rinpoche to their Rinpoche.

“Once upon a time before Rinpoches we’re 501c3s,” Bill explained to her, “We didn’t have to pay our Rinpoches to receive their instructions.”

By the time she had become a Tibetan Buddhist 25 years ago, as it is today, all you needed was money.

Bill laughed.

“Of course, follow the money.”

She wasn’t amused having paid a small fortune for five years in retreat and all she has to show for it is membership in a group of Bay Area Tibetan inspired historical re-enactors.


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On the occasion of Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s birthday

Lama D asked, “Why don’t you write something for Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s birthday?”

His Holiness was born thirty years ago.

“It almost didn’t happen.”

As a thing, that is.

“In the end a deal, brokered by Akong Rinpoche, was made with the Chinese.”

China got the right to recognize the 17th Karmapa, the Karma Kagyu sect was allowed to return to what once was Tibet.

“And when HHDL dies China gets to claim the right to choose his successor.”

It was a win win for both China and the Karma Kagyu sect.

“This is how Ogyen Trinley Dorje became the 17th Karmapa.”

But none of this takes away from his birth itself thirty years ago.

“A child was born.”

We live in the appearance of things.

“Happy Birthday, Ogyen Trinley Dorje.”

May those for whom you are a thing find some benefit in doing so.

“Nothing happens.”

According to Rangjung Rikpe Dorje, his predecessor, the last Karmapa of Tibet.

“The true nature of the mind is empty, luminous, and capable of anything.”

May our things, whatever they appear to us to be, not hinder us from realization of this, or at the very least not be a source of suffering other than for ourselves.


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KTD’s Board of Trustees accused of misappropriating funds

A reader commented, “KTD is being looted by Tibetans.”

If you are a Tibetan and need a car, according to this person, its board of trustees will hook you up.

And then there is Khenpo Karthar’s latest junket to Tibet.

Hear’s what we can do.

“Boycott KTD.”

If you aren’t willing to disrupt the flow of money to KTD, our sole leverage in regards to its governance, this is what you get.

“Where does KTD get its money?”

It is only by insisting that Khenpo Tengkyong answer this question that we will be able to force Ogyen Trinley Dorje to act.

“Speak out.”

Press members of the KTD’s community to answer where it gets its money.

“What is Ogyen Trinley Dorje doing to address his sect’s corruption?”

This is how we put an end to Tibetan business as usual at KTD.



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